Site Support

  • To Cancel Your Membership
    • To cancel, simply contact the billing company that processed your membership. If you are unsure which company this is, check your bank statement for the name of the company below.
    Billing Support
      • For billing support with your CCBill Account, please visit their website
        or use their toll-free number 1.888.596.9279. CCBill transactions appear as "CCBILLEU Valetta" on your bank statement.
      • For billing support with your Epoch Account, please visit or use their toll-free number 1.800.893.8871.
        Epoch transactions appear as "*ReallyUse"
      • For billing support with your SegPay Account, to retrieve or reset your login details, please visit their website at: or use their toll-free number 1-866-450-4000. Segpay transactions appear as ""
    Video Issues
    • Be sure to use the latest version of your browser, flash and javascript. Our site is optimized to for the latest browsers.
    • If you have problems with our flash videos, make sure to check that your system is updated to play the latest flash.
    • iPad users should use Safari and turn off private browsing.
    • If you are on a Mac and using Safari, and have trouble viewing pages, go to your options for Safari and make sure that both "Enable Javascript" and "Enable Java" are checked. If that fails, try downloading Firefox as that often resolves the javascript issue.
    • To download files  right click the video button and choose "save as" and a location you wish to save the file to.
    • While we do our best to make our sites compatible with all devices, the file sizes and bit rates are quite high to ensure the highest quality. This may cause streaming, viewing or download issues on some mobile phones or mobile connections so we discourage viewing our highest quality formats on those devices.
    If you have other concerns, please email us from our 'contact us' page.
    We appreciate your business!